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Brilliant International Olympiads are conducted every year on various subjects such as, Mathematics, Science, English, Computer Science and Social Science to assess the competition competency and proficiency of school students on most of the main stream subjects taught in school as their regular curriculum. Brilliantzone provides students an international platform to prove their mettle on these subjects with their counterparts from India and abroad. By participating in these subjects, which is based on the syllabuses of CBSE/ICSE and various other state boards they will be able to explore new areas from their syllabuses which were perhaps, never explored and they will be able to test their skills and the Olympiads will sharpen them to a new extent, provide know-how about international standard. The regional or local competition does not provide the right insight for the future competitions. We assure that these exams will enhance the problem solving skill of the students to a new high. All the exams are conducted for students from 1st to 12th standard whereas in social science and Hindi only upto class 10th will be able to participate.


FCES is a registered NGO with the govt. of Delhi devoted to enhance the academic level school students beyond their regular curriculum in school of various subjects and providing them with an International platform where they can prove their mettle with their counter-parts in India and abroad.